Is your yoga like a pencil?

In the next series of blogs we will explore why your yoga practice is very much like a pencil.   Can a pencil really inspire us?  Discover five qualities of a pencil than can change your view of this simple writing instrument.  Write Read on! *



(*This series is inspired by Paulo Coelho and his story The story of the pencil)

First Quality:  

You are capable of great things.  There is a hand guiding your steps. 

A pencil can do nothing until a hand picks it up, holds it, and writes with it.  The pencil is a tool and the hand uses the tool to do great things.  Yoga also is a tool that you can use to do great things for your body, for your mind, and for your spirit.


Having a guiding hand to help you is important on your journey.   It is still the best way to start a new practice.  So in the beginning of your journey,  finding a teacher to help guide you can be very important.  Be it that hands-on adjustment, a little verbal instruction, or exploring yoga at a  deeper level, finding a teacher is useful in helping guide you on your path of greatness.


But, at the same time, always remember – you are always your own best teacher.  Make sure you honor your own limits and find your own path to your journey.   Listen to your own inner voice.



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