Thanks for joining me at Indian Leap Yoga and Meditation!  Welcome to your road to adding yoga and meditation to your life’s direction!  This blog is for the yogi or meditator looking for inspiration, support, or just a little direction in the techniques of meditation.  Journey with me as we explore the deep world of an inward journey.



Developing a consistent practice is difficult and takes work.  Be kind to yourself.  Like anything else in life, it takes time and repetition to develop a continuing yoga or meditation practice.  Most of us don’t have the luxury of “sitting around meditating” for long periods of time. So how to start?

Your first meditation tip

How about with just five minutes?  If you can dedicate five minutes of your time – just five minutes a day you can feel the effects of a meditation practice.  Try to perform your meditation at the same time every day.  Set a timer on your phone and just sit for five minutes. Use any technique you want – pick one that resonates with you.  If it stops feeling good, pick another one.  What we are trying to cultivate is a practice and a habit of meditating not attachment to a particular method.  As you create an ongoing personal practice, you can extend the time you meditate.  The key is consistency.  I won’t judge you – neither should you.  Whatever you do for however long is just right for you – now let us begin!



lolly 2

Here is Lolly.  isn’t she cute?  She has developed her personal practice to a high level.  Nothing bothers her.  She is intent on living in the present moment She exudes serenity.  She is not worried about what tomorrow will bring.  She will be helping us on our journey together.  First lesson from Lolly – just be yourself.


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