Perceptions: Looking for another way

speak friend


Sometimes, the answer is staring right at us but we just don’t see it. In the Lord of the Rings, Gandalf the wizard is trying to open a gate where the words “Speak, Friend, and Enter” are inscribed above.   He tries many incantations but for all his wizardry powers he just cannot open the gate.   One of his company asks him to explain what the inscription means.  He starts to, and while explaining, he comes across the answer to the puzzle.  It was there in the inscription all along.  The password to opening the gate was the word “friend”.  All he had to do was speak the word “friend” to open the gate.




In my continuing rock climbing example, there also may be another path to reach the top besides just trying to climb straight up.  Perhaps going a little bit to the left or right will help me make progress towards the top.  Perhaps by taking a different tact I can, in time, eventually reach my goal.  Then, being flexible, and going right or left, again and again, I continue to make progress overcoming any obstacles before me.


In your yoga class, try building up from the foundations of the pose, taking in the directions a little at a time, and allowing your body to take the shape of the pose gently. Remember, you don’t have to have perfect form. You may just find you are more fully expressing the pose if you are willing to let your body open in it’s own time.  For example, in forward folding, don’t push your body by forcing your knees straight and fighting to get your hands to the ground.  Try keeping your knees bent a little, perhaps using blocks under your hands, and letting the rest of your body relax into the pose.  Approach your pose a little at a time, allowing the body to adjust and grow into your own expression.

For building your mediation practice, try a little bit of meditation at a time.  Don’t attach to a long sitting practice or start thinking that there is only one way to meditate and you have to break on through or else.  By trying to approach your goals a little at a time, allowing for detours along the way, and slowly building up to your final goal, you can work wonders, and, over time, reach your desires.





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