Sit Settle Sigh redux – or “I’m actually meditating!”



First, if you haven’t read the sit, settle and sigh blog post, read it now before going on. Practice the sit settle and sigh (3s’s) technique for about five minutes (or at least three minutes if you are in a rush!)


Now, close your eyes and take in some deep, full breaths and equally deeply full exhales. If you can, breathe in through the nose and out through the nose.


Watch your breath as it comes in and goes out. Focus on the tip of your nose (or the inner most part of the lips if you cannot breath through the nose) and just watch the breath as it moves into and out of the body. Inevitably, thoughts will come into your mind. Don’t worry or try to control this in any way. Thoughts coming and going in the mind just means you are human. If you are human, this is the natural state. When you do notice these thoughts, bring your attention back refocusing on your breath. Keep attention on the tip of your nose and the feeling of the breath coming in and out of your body. If you feel that somehow too many thoughts are coming up, again, don’t fixate on this feeling. It’s natural. Try doing the sigh practice again for a few breaths. Just sigh and listen to the sound of your sighing. Then, refocus your attention back to following your breath. Keep going for about five minutes. Congratulations! you are meditating!


lolly meditating

If you are a dog reading this, continue meditating this way for the rest of the afternoon. Everyone else go back to your other activities.

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