Sit, Settle, and Sigh – the three S’s and relieving stress

Yoga Sitting Sit Relax Meditation Qigong


We all have stress. Want a quick way to reset your stress level?  Try this.  Find a comfortable, preferably quiet place where you can sit for a few moments.  Sit comfortably in any way that feels good for you.  You can sit cross-legged on the floor, carpet or in a chair.  Take a few moments to settle the body.  Notice any tensions that come into you as you sit with yourself for a few moments.  Try to release the tensions by slightly moving, and settling yourself down until you can remain comfortable.


Start audibly, taking a breath into the body and releasing the breath by sighing through the mouth.  (You probably want to be alone for this).  If you can try closing the mouth and create a sigh just by using your the nose.  Try this for a few minutes.  Then sit quietly,  and notice your state of mind.  Just a few minutes a day can help you reset the stress you may be feeling!

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