Just follow your breath



We took our first breath on the day we were born and have been breathing ever since.  Breathing is so basic to our survival yet how often are we mindful of our breath?  Are you aware of your breath as you read this post?  Lets bring some focused attention to our breath.

Take a comfortable seat.  Sit upright. Just sit with your eyes closed for a few moments noticing your body and the sensations that arise.  Let the body relax.  If you can’t seem to relax, don’t worry, just keep noticing the sensations coming from inside of you.

Set your timer for five minutes. Close your eyes.  With your mind, follow the breath as it comes in to your lungs and goes back out to the world.  If you can, breathe through your nose both on the in breath and the out breath. You can focus on just the sensation of the breath  as it comes into the nose and out of the nose.  Keep your attention to the breath sensation in your nose.  Keep breathing.  Keep noticing.  If during your time you notice your mind has slipped from watching your breath to some inner thought, gently refocus your attention on the breath.  When your timer goes off notice how you feel.  Was five minutes to short? To long?  Repeat and adjust to a comfortable time.



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