Singing Bowls



Singing  Bowls can add a wonderful dimension to your meditation practice.

Singing bowls are used in music, meditation and some religious practices.  Many notes can be heard depending on how the bowl is played.  A mallet is used to strike the bowl causing it to vibrate.  When struck with a mallet singing bowls produce harmonious sounds which bring on a sense of deep relaxation. Bowls can also be “sung” using a circular motion around the lip.  This causes the bowl to resonate and ring out.  Different bowls will have different sounds.  Some have the ability to generate different sounds depending on how they are struck. Generally smaller bowls have higher tones while larger bowls lower.  The types of metals used to make a bowl varies but may include brass,copper, and tin.  Sometimes small amounts of iron, lead, gold, silver and even mercury are added in the belief that this will create a better sounding bowl.  Bowls can old or new, hand hammered of machine made.  For purposes of meditation, the age of the bowl does not matter.  It is the sound quality of the bowl that counts.

The sound of the bowl fills the room with a resonance and provides the student with something to listen and focus on.  Like eyes staring at a flame, the sound of the bowl gives the ear a focal point to remain in the present moment.

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